FR paint will suggest ways to renovate or build rafraichisants with taste and creativity. Economically and écologque, give your home has the natural tendencies of your dreams. Choose intelligently with us a comfortable and attractive way to enjoy your home
Give a personal touch and attractive to your apartments and offices in afinissant your style and decor. Bring the final touch of perfection to your comfort and visual aesthetic grace our designers will advise you professionnels.FR Painting with finesse and experience to find the elements necessary to fulfill your projects. With a wide choice of materials, the colors are piped to your own feelings and discover the latest trends actuelles.Classic, modern or high tech, we have the means to create with you the looks Elegant and delicate to satisfy your desires .
Delicate shades of paint to give a new atmosphere and a sense of freshness to your outer world. Painting with FR, find the ideal materials for the work you want to achieve on your facades and any other project exposed to the test of time and elements. Choose desempreintes resistant mineral, quality materials and colors for best sustainable extramural effects on all kind of peripheral support. Wood, metal o cement, use of intelligent techniques and enjoy unparalleled results.
FR paint offers an almost unlimited e dtyles and techniques to improve and build using modern paintings with all standards of quality and safety for your environment. Let our experts advise you on the products necessary to do the work of your choice. Harmonize your home with our team of professionals ready to make you appreciate exceptional results.
Highly specialized in wallpapering FR Paint offers a selection of over 10,000 attractive specimens, proposed by the European paper producers. Wallpapers for any surface, traditional vinyl, foamed and non-woven, we choose with the qualities that fit into your room. A choice of classic or colorful paper around you has to give all necessary effects to an atmosphere of light, pleasant and friendly. Decorate your walls with the charm of a refined taste, with style, nobility and class.
Give relief and elegance to your interior by adding end up a perfect decoration for your projects, with attractive profiled in line with your style and your desires. Details of delicate rosettes, moldings and chair rails, to give your walls and ceilings has a subtle elegance with an almost inexhaustible range of options, where imagination is the limit. For your home or your workspace, FR paint offers a rich selection of shapes and reliefs, designed to be functional at all times.
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